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CPiO Cloud – a flexible, reliable and secure cloud solution

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Host Sage in the Cloud

CPiO Cloud a flexible, reliable and cloud solution

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Sage in the Cloud

We can host your Sage 200,  Sage X3 or  Sage 1000 software in our private, highly secure and resilient CPiO Cloud environment providing you with a cost-effective way to deploy your Sage software.

CPiO Cloud offers a range of services to meet every budget and complexity, from hosting a single application such as your Sage software through to our end-to-end Fully Hosted Managed Service (FHMS) model, hybrid options or public cloud services like Microsoft 365.

CPiO is also a Sage Business Cloud accredited partner, providing support for Sage users wanting to implement their Sage software using Sage’s public hosting environment.

Let us help you to explore and plan your cloud options.

Applications in the Cloud

Sage 200 Cloud

We have been successfully hosting Sage 200 Professional for well over a decade. Our Sage 200 clients report improved performance, better user experience, increased security, and are free from hardware and resource investment cycles.

Sage X3 in the Cloud

CPiO Cloud helps thousands of Sage X3 users every single day. Whether you are looking to host your Sage software or you are looking for a more comprehensive hosting experience, we can help. Even complex requirements can be serviced.

Extend Sage 1000 life

It’s not too late to move Sage 1000 into the CPiO Cloud. It’s an ideal, cost effective platform. Release yourself from the necessary hardware and Microsoft SQL Server upgrades by moving to a stable, secure platform already used by many Sage 1000 clients.

Who is CPiO Cloud for

Whether you’re considering cloud due to existing hardware lifecycles or a plan to move away from a legacy ERP to cloud ERP, the options are numerous and can be designed to best suit your overarching strategy.

Sage software users

Sage 200, Sage X3, Sage 1000


Any size of organisation
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Host your Sage solution, Microsoft 365 including Outlook and Teams integration, third-party software or any combination

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Interested in Cloud

Boost your Microsoft 365 with CPiO Cloud

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we are experts in all things Microsoft, helping clients to optimise usage, protect their data and maximise budgets.

Offering a single pane of glass management of many of your Microsoft-centric subscriptions, we can save you valuable management time dealing with multiple vendors, and we can save you money.

We offer a range of Microsoft services to help you protect your business, many of which you may well already be taking through other vendors including:


Microsoft 365 subscription management


Data back up and recovery for Microsoft 365


Multi-factor authentication to protect your Microsoft 365 access


Email continuity and protection in case of Microsoft 365 outages

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Benefits of CPiO Cloud


Lower IT costs with no hardware purchase and maintenance required. Reduced energy consumption.


Ideal for hybrid working practices. Ease and security of access to Sage from anywhere 24/7.

Optimised network management for higher performance and greater user experience.
Secure, compliant data management with automatic backup and restore availability. Full DR capability.
Proactive IT support from the Microsoft accredited Sage team, to protect your Microsoft 365 data.
Flexibility to increase performance and resiliency for intensive workloads or stringent compliance.
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Sage Cloud FAQs

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, get in touch with one of our Sage Cloud experts today.

Email or call us on 0344 880 6140.

What is Sage Business Cloud?

Sage Business Cloud is suite of cloud-based software solutions, designed to help businesses streamline their operations, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and make better decisions.

The platform is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and offers real-time visibility into business performance, enabling businesses to stay on top of their finances, inventory, and sales.

Sage Business Cloud solutions can be delivered in a public hosting environment such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Alternatively, you can select to work with a partner such as CPiO Cloud to privately host your Sage application.

Is Sage Business Cloud safe?

Sage Business Cloud has several security measures in place to protect user data, which includes; data encryption, access controls so that only authorised users can access data and features and, regular backups.

Like Sage Business Cloud, CPiO Cloud takes data security very seriously, and has invested in advanced technology to secure customer data, ranging from next generation firewalling, encryption and identity management, such as multifactor authentication.

Can I increase and decrease user footprint in Sage Business Cloud?

Yes, you can add and reduce users in Sage Business Cloud. Sage Business Cloud allows you to manage users and their access to the system.

CPiO Cloud can be scaled up and down too. CPiO Cloud is designed to be flexible and scalable, allowing businesses to start with a basic plan and upgrade as their needs grow. You only pay for what you use.


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Sage 1000 Support and Development

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Sage Upgrade & Migration

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